Useful Links

Here are the some of the useful resources on the web:
This is the website of Dr. Khalid Zaheer’s most recent book titled Rediscovering Islam
This is the official website of Dr. Khalid Zaheer that hosts blogs, audio, video, questions/answers, articles, and recent tweet messages.
This is the official web site of ‘Understanding Islam UK’, the organization that endeavors to promote what they consider to be the true and correct understanding of our Divine Religion, Islam.
This is an annotated linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran.
This is the official FaceBook page for Dr. Khalid Zaheer, where you will find regular updates and posts.
You can join the page and be a part of online community.
This is the official Youtube page for Dr. Khalid Zaheer, where you will find informative videos on miscellaneous topics.
This is the official Vimeo page for Dr. Khalid Zaheer, that hosts education videos on miscellaneous

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